“Rodney! The Doctor Will See You Now”

Ever had one of those days where you just feel like going back to bed? You just don't feel good but you know there are some things that have to get done in order to feel better.This past weekend I got pretty sick with a stuffed and runny nose, sinus pressure that was unbearable, ear ache and sore throat. Yeah fun stuff.
Sunday, I had put my sickness and misery off long enough and decided I better get into Urgent care to get the antibiotics going so I would be healthy for the rest of the week.
We went to the Urgent Care Center here locally we saw quite the scene. Allow me to paint this picture for you. When we walked in it was jammed up with a waiting room full of sick people where everyone looked terrible, coughing, sniffling and such. To the left of me and my wife was a little two year old child that was there waiting on her mom to come out from seeing the doctor. She was playing "Sponge Bob, Square Pants” on a little media device held in her lap. I don’t know that this cartoon could have been playing any louder. The grandfather leaned over to the little girl and said “why don’t you turn it down honey.” Her reply, “NO!”.
To the right of me was a heavy set man who had fallen asleep, his head all the way back resting on the wall behind him, mouth wide open, he was letting out the loudest snore you can imagine.
A couple to his right across from us, resting each others heads on one another, they too were sleeping.
Another couple across from us was kind of fussing with one another, about leaving because it was taking too long while the other argued, “no, we are staying, I am tired of hearing you complain about this sickness!”
One lady, who apparently worked in a different doctor’s office, there with her husband, was explaining how all kinds of sicknesses come about "not" using her inside voice, mind you. One lady, sat to my right and did nothing but stare at me making me very uncomfortable. My sweet wife, remember, enduring the "Sponge Bob" cartoon for the past two hours, understandably was finally getting tired of all the ruckus, leans over to me to say in a soft sweet voice, “I am about to stuff something in Mr Sponge Bob’s mouth.”
You see the picture I am painting here? Sickness, stress, long waiting and frustration mounting. All of this going on while my head is pounding, body aching, and soooo ready to go home and get into my bed.
As I am sitting there, I began thinking about recovery. Maybe because I was feeling the pressure and feeling like I might lose my cool and patience in the midst of my sickness. :)
I began to think about the lie that we sometimes will buy into. You know that lie that says "time heals all wounds". Funny thing is, we sat in that waiting room with a packed room and I cannot recall one person getting better from their sickness. At least not from "waiting longer" Not one person stood up and said, “Cancel my appointment, I am healed!”
The fact is that we all needed to see the doctor and it wouldn’t have mattered how long we sat in that room, we would not have gotten better just “waiting”. In fact, we all probably would have gotten worse and then the stories would have gotten that much more entertaining. Or shall I say chaotic.
To tell you the truth, I was tempted to say, "this really isn’t really worth it." “Let’s just go, I will just rest more and drink some orange juice and I can kick this thing on my own.” BTW, my wife would have body slammed me had I attempted to walk out of there.:) I can say proudly, I didn't give in and stayed long enough to hear those beautiful words, "Rodney! The Doctor Will See You Now." Not a moment too soon. :)
Ever been there in that thought process with your recovery? You know you need to deal with a struggle, addiction, character defect, or hurt from your past, present and yet you start believing you don’t need to see the doctor?
The truth is that the longer we wait, the worse we get. So now, we not only have the original junk we walked in with but other things that have popped up due to our own coping over the matter.
The fact is, we all have to see the Doctor eventually. The question is and will always be, “how bad does it have to get?” It isn’t when we see the light that we finally get wise, but rather when we feel the heat.
Take it from a procrastinator myself, when it comes to my physical health as well as my spiritual health, time does "not" heal all wounds. It is better to hit the problem right between the eyes. However, we cannot do it on our own. Only the Father has the medicine we need thru the Holy Spirit. Jesus desires to heal you and bring you to to restored health again. He promises us that "He will restore the years the locusts have eaten." Joel 2:25
Remember, where God guides you, He will provide. If He leads you to CR, He will provide you with the healing you need to have freedom in your life.
Ps 138:8 “The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.”
Remember, God did not send His Son into this world to condemn the world, but to save the world thru Him. Jn 3:17
If you are hurting, He will comfort you. If you are mourning, He will comfort you. If you are sick, He will heal you.
Remember, time does not heal all wounds and in fact, times get overwhelming when you begin to try to control the uncontrollable. Let go and let God lead you thru this junk you are facing.
It doesn't matter what you are going thru, He will lead you thru it. All you have to do is take a step toward Him. Don't try to come up with the solutions, just seek God, He will take care of the rest.
Remember, pain is inevitable in our life, however, misery truly is an option. How bad does it have to get before we do something about the junk we are carrying?
I am happy to tell you right now, The Doctor, the Master Healer, will see you now. All you have to do is call out to Him and He will give you rest.

Who do you know that could use this freedom from their hurts, habits, and or hang-ups? Invite them to Celebrate Recovery this week. For more information, contact Rodney at 479-659-3679 or roholmstrom@fellowhsipnwa.org


  1. Just the person staring at me would have made me figure out something else:) Beautiful analogy, Rodney. I hope you are on the mend, bro.


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