Life Change Is So Beautiful

Check out our latest Newcomer Video that we will use here in our Celebrate Recovery. God is so good!
I keep watching it over and over again looking at different faces each time. So cool to see life change happening right before our eyes in this amazing ministry of Celebrate Recovery!
Special thanks to David Attebery for coming up with the concept of this new video.
Special thanks to Laura Self, our Encourager coach for Fellowship Bible CR for allowing us to use her original song, "Beautiful".
The song was co-written by Laura Self and Denise England. This is a great God breathed lyrical song sisters.

Go check out her new album on entitled "Victorious" Copy and paste this link in your i tunes search engine:

Also, special thanks to Kyle Klebor for putting this video together. You are a gifted brother!!

And finally, thank you so much to all our folks willing to put themselves out for everyone to see what Christ has done in and through your life through CR. I love each of you dearly.

Enjoy friends!

Music Album produced by "Haxton Road Studios"
If you would like more information about Celebrate Recovery, contact Rodney at or 479-659-3679


  1. The complete change aspect is why we celebrate RECOVERY, not just better... hope, not despair... newness in Christ, not just better. Nice imagery.

  2. Oh my gosh, I cried. This video is so moving, Rodney, thanks for sharing it. Putting this on my wall at FB.


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