Why do we "celebrate" in worship

Doing some reading on a familiar book and favorite of mine, “In a pit with a lion...” by Mark Batterson.

Great reminder for me that we should stop asking God to get us out of a difficult circumstance and start asking Him what he wants us to get out of those difficult situations.
Prayer is less about changing our circumstances and more about changing our perspective.

I don’t know what all you are going thru this week but God is with you and is walking thru it with you. I am reminded that it is important that I stop spending all my energy making plans for God and start seeking Him more. I pray you are seeking Him in your walk as well.

Why do we worship? Why do we celebrate every Friday night? Worship is not about pretending all is well and acting happy. No, "Worship is about forgetting about everything that is wrong with us and remembering what is right with God." Wow! That is what Friday Nights are about aren’t they?

The simple fact that we are breathing is a reason to give thanks to Him.

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