2010 reflections to 2011

As we reflect on the year that was it is amazing how much has happened. On a sad side, we lost some loved ones, we saw many struggle with illnesses, and lots of hurt in a broken fallen world.
On a positive side though, we saw many lives changed in huge ways.
Did you know that just under 11,000 people, not counting teens and kids walked thru our doors here at Fellowship CR. Just under 900 newcomers entered our meeting on Friday night.
Marriages were restored, relationships reconciled, sobriety given to many, many people from alcohol, drugs, pornography, unhealthy eating habits. We had front row seats to people finding healing from destructive depression, smoking, unhealthy anger, loneliness, abandonment issues, and so much more.

We get to be a part of a ministry in its eighth year now moving and changing the heart and soul of NW Arkansas and the world. We saw Life’s Healing choices go to Mosaic and also go to 11 new countries including Pakistan, Syria, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, and Egypt to name a few.

We saw our own recovery strengthened by our service in helping others thru their own hurts, habits and hang-ups.
I personally saw Jesus in the flesh in each of you. To see each of you in action loving on His children is something so beautiful.

So what is to come in the new year? 2011 is upon us and we can have great expectations and anticipation of what He will do next.

A friend of mine sent these questions from catalyst that we should all ask as leaders as we prepare for a new year.

Year End Review Questions:
1. What are the 2-3 themes that personally defined 2010 for me?
2. What people, books, accomplishments, or special moments created highlights in 2010?
3. Give yourself a grade from 1-10 in the following areas of focus for 2010: vocationally, spiritually, family, relationally, emotionally, financially, physically, recreationally.
4. What am I working on that is BIG for 2011 and beyond?
5. As I move into 2011, is a majority of my energy being spent on things that drain me or things that energize me?
6. How am I preparing for 10 years from now? 20 years from now?
7. What 2-3 things have I been putting off that I need to execute on before the end of the year?
We have an incredible night in store tonight. Powerful worship, Nail it to the Cross, Communion and four Baptisms.
Chris, from Robby and Patrick’s group, Sean, Missy, one of our CLC faithful and Greg from mine and Stephen’s group all being Baptized. So cool to see life change and the symbolism of what baptism means to us having died with Christ in our sins and rising with Him in new life!

Meal starts at 6:00pm, then worship at 7:00pm. Then we will walk over to the Student Center after service and enjoy some good conversation, fellowship, games, snacks etc. I know some of you won’t be able to stay until midnight but I hope you can stay for a little while for some fun.

Happy New Year brothers and sisters! I love you all dearly and can’t wait to spend another year with you in service. So grateful for each of you!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Father, thank You for being with us in 2010 and comforting us thru tough times and blessing us thru the ups and downs of living life on life’s terms. Lord, we don’t like the tough times but we are glad we have you with us to strengthen our faith and lead us thru them. Thank You for showing Your strength and beauty even in the midst of storms that came our way. Lord, we ask for your guideance and protection as we enter a new year. Lord help us to be diligent in sharing Your Good News as we know Your return is nearing. Lord we thank You for Your goodness and blessings to help us and so many of our friends clsoe to us thru life’s hurts, habits and hangups. We give You the glory for all that has happened, all the healing that has taken palce and for all freedom given to each of us. Lord help us to become hungry and thirsty for Your Righteousness. Lord I pray that this new year the 1000 people that come into our meetings for the first time will stick it out and find the freedom we know about in our hearts today. Thank You for all the special leaders You have sent to this ministry to love and serve others seeking truth. Please bless this night as we praise Your name in worship. Tonight we celebrate You! In Jesus Name, AMEN


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