Abide with me

Have you ever have a thought, song, or word replay over and over again? “ I am stuck on band-aid because band-aid stuck on me?” Or “ I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener cause everyone would be in love with me?” You know what I am talking about. This week the word “abide” kept going over and over in my mind. “ What is it --what is He trying to tell me?” I had been relating to what Paul had said in II Corinthians 4:8-9 this week, because that is how I felt. “ We are hard pressed hard on every side, but not crushed, perplexed but not in despair, persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed. So I thought how was Paul able to say these things and be content in all things. The light bulb went on --he was content in just ABIDING in Christ. All of us at one time have felt all this things, desperate, perplexed, even felt abandoned.
I looked up the word abide -- wait for, to endure without yielding , to accept without objection, remaining stable, enduring and continuing. Isn’t that what Paul did after his surrender to God? Abiding -- waiting on God, not trying to figure out everything on his own, seeking God’s and not his own will, not jumping ahead of God but taking whatever came into his life and just abiding in Christ. How about to endure whatever you are going through patiently, being totally dependant on Him when we don’t feel like it, or are afraid. It is about us becoming one with the vine and allowing the vine dresser do whatever it takes to keep us healthy and in that constant state of abiding. John 15:5-8. It is about everything , thoughts, decisions, words, actions and circumstance we endure in life and putting them through the filter of Jesus. Trusting in nothing else other than Him and drawing from His hand everything that we need to walk on this journey called life.
An abiding soul is a praying soul. An abiding soul is a soul that is able to remain in a state of quietness and calmness no matter what. It centers the heart upon God, bringing Him nearer to us. It gives us strength to go out into the battlefield of life with full assurance of victory. It teaches us to walk softly before God and to hold as a treasure every token of His love. I helps us to walk in green pastures, on the stony places and yes, even in the shadows of the valley of death.
When you abide and feel faint, He gives you the strength you need and the power. When you abide, He gives you all the grace that you need for that day. When you abide, you do not have to fear your tomorrows. When you abide, He makes a way through the mountains. When you abide, you have the assurance that He holds all the powers of Hell at bay and gently guides you on the path of safety. When you abide you have the assurance that all things work together for good for those who love and serve the Lord. When you abide, you have the constant companion and relationship with someone who loves you in spite of your inadequacies and flaws. When you abide, it nourishes your soul and makes you stronger. John 15:4 --Remain in Me and I will remain in you (abide). No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine -- you must remain in Me. Are you abiding in Him ?
Father: there are many other vines that draw us to abide in them. They all promise what they cannot deliver. Our jobs sometimes say,” abide in me and you will find true success.” or the things of the world say,” Make us your priority and you will find unmatched love, riches and pleasure, and find yourself.” All these vines that call out to us to come to them cannot compete with you. You are the rightful place where we are to abide. So Father help us to continually choose by Your grace to remain and abide in You -- to make our home in You forever. Amen
As you walk on this journey called life -- be strong and be willing to be content just to abide in the Lord. It nourishes your soul and makes you stronger. Janice Encourager Coach-Team, Fellowship Bible Rogers

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