I get by with a little help from my friends

Therefore, let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another. Romans 14:9. Encouragement. Have you ever had someone that you knew who just encouraged you? How did it make you feel? Encouragement is one of those gifts that you can give away often -- you do not have to go to the store and look for the right shade, something different or unique, it is a gift that is always in fashion, a gift that everyone would love to receive and you could give it with or without a card or fancy wrappings. It is a perfect gift to give anyone. Sometimes you will be the giver and sometimes you will be the receiver. It could come in the form of someone listening to things that are going on in your world, a warm shoulder, a helping hand, someone to lean on and a understanding heart to help with the challenges of life. Being an encourager is like being an extension of God’s hand of support. Some one who will inspire courage, hope and reassure you in the midst of a weary world. An encourager repels negative thoughts and reinforces someone’s self worth. They are the people who say to you, “ yes you can,” when all they can thing of is “ I can’t.“ An encourager is sometimes a mouth piece from God and they don’t even know it.
There are many ways that you are able to encourage others. Have you ever told someone what it is that you like about them? Have you ever been honest and kind? How many times have you listened to what your heart was telling you -- to go and speak to someone ? I bet it was in obedience to that nudging, you were able to say something to someone else that they needed to hear. Don’t worry how the encouragement is received. There are so many people out there who have been hurt, are insecure and do not know how to take praise or encouragement. When you encourage someone, you believe the best for them when they are afraid to believe the best about themselves. When you are an encourager, you have the ability to focus on the good in everyone. What is the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you see someone who is headed in the wrong direction or is having difficulty? Do you immediately talk about their faults, or do you find something about them that would encourage them or discourage them? Some of us have come from backgrounds where there was little encouragement. When someone encouraged us, it was a strange feeling. Someone was actually telling us to keep trying and that we were good. It uplifted our spirits and our burden did not feel so heavy. It gave us confidence that someone saw good in us that we could not see ourselves.
Be an encourager to yourself. Watch how that internal voice talks to you. Compare everything that goes on in your head to what God says about you. It is okay to think about what it is you do good and it is okay to like yourself. Focus on the bigger picture. You are part of God’s plan -- He has called you to a unique work here in this world. Give yourself, time, space and grace. Release all your discouragement to God. Ask Him to help you find purpose in your pain and disappointments. Believe for the best. Focus on the positive. Believe in yourself, and believe in the best of others-- and then take encouragement from God and His word. Then as a hearer and doer of the world, offer encouragement to others as often as you can. Encouragement is like oxygen to the soul-- all you need is a heart full of grace and a spirit generated by love.
Father: You have given us the gift of one another. Let our words be encouraging to each other. Let us be a blessing to one another and not add more to each others burdens. Teach us ways to be inventive in encouraging one another. Amen
As you walk on this journey called life -- find someone to encourage this week. Janice Encourager coach CR-Team FBC Rogers. Have a blessed week.


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