Are you lonesome?

Hebrew 13:56--I will never leave your or forsake you. Sometimes do you ever have what seems an empty place in your heart that needs to be filled? A place that others cannot fill? You call a friend and are unable to reach them and when you do reach them they seem preoccupied or put you off. You decide to call someone in your family and they are busy doing their own things so you don’t want to keep them from doing what they need to do. Could it be that you are experiencing some major changes in your life and you don’t understand yourself what is going on? Are you looking to them to fill the void in your heart, to ease your loneliness? That is when you feel it -- a sense of loneliness deep within your heart that no one cares, I don’t belong any where, I’m not like the others, I don’t fit in, people say they love me, but have a strange way of showing it-- I feel so alone.
How do you respond to feeling the emotion of loneliness? Loneliness is a strange emotion. You can be with a group of people and still experience it. It makes you feel separate from people and from God. You don’t have to feel lonely--you can turn that feeling into quiet contentment of solitude if you are willing to make a few choices. We are never alone in our loneliness. Each one of us at one time or other have experienced sadness and loneliness. God is always with us during those times. Sometimes we just forget that He is with us. In Psalm it talks about feeling like a pelican in the wilderness. Sometimes the sorrow of loneliness or sadness is like being in a spiritual wilderness. It made me think that God has met His people most intimately and tenderly in the wilderness. When it seems that no one is available, you still can enjoy communion with God.
Don’ t let the pain of loneliness close your heart. If you let your heart stayed closed, others cannot enter in. You begin to push everyone away, withdraw from relationships to spend time alone to lick your emotional injuries. It is okay to withdraw from others for a time of rest and spiritual refreshment--but it is another thing to disconnect and push others out of your life. You are the only one who can choose to open/close you heart to disconnect or reconnect again. You don’t have to stay lonely--choose to reach out in spite of how you feel. Be quick to forgive others who have hurt you, or cannot be there for you. Take your loneliness to God--He is the God of comfort and peace. Let Him fill your lonely heart with His love for you. When you feel loneliness trying to creep in and over take you, be quiet, listen for God’s whispers in the dark. Trust that this season of loneliness will pass in God’s good time. Try to keep a positive attitude instead of succumbing to the temptation of having a pity party. Ask for help --don’t insist on being proud and doing everything alone. If you are feeling lonesome -- open up your heart to share greater intimacy with God. Talk to Him, and tell Him how you feel. He will never make light of how you feel. He is there to help you understand your feelings, walk along side of you. Sometimes loneliness is a result of not having spent time with God in His word, at His feet or in prayer. Most of all remember--just because you are feeling lonely that you are not deficient or unlovable because you are lonely. God made you and promises never to leave you or forsake you.
Father: Sometimes the people in our lives, abandon us, turn away from us. Sometimes there are a few people we can truly count on and sometimes there might not be anyone. One thing is for sure, You love us, you will never leave us or forsake us. In our times of loneliness, let us always remember that You are right here with us. You have experienced loneliness--to a greater extent than we ever will. You know just how to comfort us and let us feel Your sweet presence. Thank You so much for always being here for us. Amen
As you walk in the journey called life, whether or not you may realize it, feeling lonely is just being homesick for God. Have a blessed week.
Janice CR E-Team


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