Miracles thru Celebrate Recovery

“Don’t quit before your miracle happens!”  That is something we say often around here at Celebrate Recovery and I love it.
It’s interesting how we can overlook the miracles in our life and recovery. The miracle for you tonight could be just getting here to CR.
Yes, our life is made up of many little miracles in this process that gives us our miracle we've been waiting for.
That miracle could be sobriety from some sort of substance, internet addictions of all sorts, relationship issues, maybe unhealthy and destructive anger, depression. Or maybe it’s just getting unstuck from our mess and learning the process of moving forward.
Whatever it is, don’t discount the biggest miracle, the miracle of learning how to apply God’s principles of CR to “ALL our affairs” and not just those that brought us into recovery.
Many people, in fact, an estimated 2 million plus people have gone through Celebrate Recovery worldwide.  Many miracles happening right before our eyes.
Maybe you could be the next. Maybe the one you invite into this process could be the next to experience their own miracle toward healthy living in all their affairs.
Come see us tonight and give that brother or sister a call that God has been putting on your heart lately.
A great testimony, great worship, small groups that strengthen us and wonderful fellowship.
6pm Celebrate Recovery @ Fellowship Bible

Rodney Holmstrom

For a group near you go to www.celebraterecovery.com


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