Heart of a Sponsor

As a woman in recovery myself and a fellow struggler in life, I am so touched that God would allow me the experience of being able to sponsor other hurting woman. He teaches me through it and grows me in my own recovery. I love to sponsor women. I see them often caught like the bird by the cat. I Peter 5:8 says “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”
These women are often hidden in the closet of fear and shame. My role is to, through prayer and relationships go into the closet with them and help them get out.
Often, no, always I need to put them on the heart of God so they can hear His heart beat. How do I do that? By praying for them, listening, sharing from my own hurts, building relationship's of trust and giving them God's word.
Jesus said in John 6:63b “The words that I have spoken unto you are spirit and are life”.
I try to make sure and remember as I share my experience, strength and hope, that it is life I am giving to them through Jesus’ work in me. This is about me sharing how God has brought me to healing in a certain area.
God uses these relationships and breathes the breath of life on them that is often an on-going journey. We must not give up before we see the miracle happen in another person’s life.
It is interesting that the number “two” is always a covenant in the word of God.

Recently, I found a bird struggling and fighting for its life. I realized I needed to do what I could to save its life. I had to blow two times on the little bird's face before life finally took hold. In many ways, the picture of a sponsor and sponsee is the same. It may take some months before a person can open their eyes of denial and see the truth but we must keep pressing forward toward healing.
If we have been faithful to our God and to the person He has put in our life, there is a good chance the paralyzed state they have lived in will be gradually broken off of them and sometimes seemingly miraculously things happen thru the journey of recovery.
They will be able to move out of their broken place as we walk with them. In my experience, I have seen that in order to place them on the heart of God we must know God's heart. I must keep myself in the word, close to Him, listening for His whispers.
Thru working step 10, I must keep my side of the street constantly clean. I must be accountable to my own accountability partners and connecting with my sponsor regularly.
These are imperative requirements for a sponsor. We must always remember the broken ones put in our path are often like the little bird and our heart and the heart of God is to eventually release them so they can fly with the Holy Spirit into a future of good and not evil.
The very plans of the Lord. A future and a hope. A good plan. (Jeremiah 29:11)
I love to see my sponsee walk into the plan of God for their lives and pass it down to others who will one day fly like Eagles when they are healed.
This is an amazing place and gift God has placed a sponsor. A place of humility, faithfulness, gentleness , truth and submission to the heart of God. Selah.

Sherrie, a sponsor and a member of our CR prayer team.

For more information about Celebrate Recovery contact Rodney Holmstrom at roholmstrom@fellowshipnwa.org or 479-659-3679


  1. WOW very well said and so inspiring. Thank you, Lisa Encourager Coach.


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